Vision Statement

“Through print and online media the New York Times is committed to providing objective, accurate, and insightful information.  This information is delivered with the intent to engage an expansive range of issues affecting the lives of citizens in both domestic and global communities.”

In 1851, Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones embarked on an innovative journey, creating The New York Times newspaper. Since its inception, the NYTimes has been dedicated to providing the public with accessible and informative news. We have been nicknamed the “The Gray Lady” and our motto is “all the news that’s fit to print”. Today, The New York Times is one of Americas leading and most widely read newspaper. We are truly dedicated to our readers and maintaining our impeccable journalistic reputation. Keeping current with societal trends, we report on international politics, culture, and current events.


The central focus of the New York Times is to provide accessible and accurate news. The New York Times acknowledges that true objectivity is idealistic. However, by working with respectable and talented correspondents, we take every step to ensure reliable news. As an organization, we are unique by recognizing that we–as individuals and NYTimes’ staff–cannot separate ourselves from society, making the reality of achieving full objectivity unattainable. Thus addressing this truth allows us to take the necessary steps to fulfill our duties as an objective news organization. By employing a thorough process of editing expanding across staff and editorial heads, we ferverously strive for towards objectivity.  nevertheless, objectivity is always in the eyes of the beholder.


Accuracy is a fundamental aspect of all NYTimes published reports. We always collect information and interview a variety of reliable sources. Furthermore, we value the crucial processes of fact-checking and conducting thorough investigations upon any piece of information. This scrutinization of material is what allows us to remain a current and legitimate news source for our readers. Through the access of several eyewitness testimonies, sources, and expert opinions–we will provide accurate and concise information for the reader.  Accuracy is an element that the New York Times honors and respects. Our oath is to provide society with accurate information and as an organization we will exhaust every last source to ensure the truth.


The New York Times’ comprehensive set of goals allows us to provide the best journalism we can and our achievements have been recognized. The Times has been awarded 112 Pulitzer Prizes for its journalistic excellence, more than any news organization, and our website receives over 30 million unique hits per month.

The New York Times prides itself on a quality coverage of U.S policy and international affairs. With access to professional insight from renowned experts, the New York Times offers unique and comprehensive stories on pressing issues and current events.


The New York Times is proud to be among the top read newspapers in the United States. We strive for honesty– valuing quality journalism over quantity. If any mistakes or misrepresentations are made, with our sincere apology, we will fix the error. We are committed to our readers and want to hear their feedback, understanding that we will only improve with the help of their voices and concerns. Furthermore, we live under a strict code of transparency–giving proper credit to our sources. Plagiarism is not acceptable under any circumstance.

Fairness and ethics:

We maintain a goal of impartiality by giving the audience news in which does not take one side but gives the overview of what is occurring. By disclosing our investors, the New York Times continues its code of transparency, eliminating the suspicion of any corporate biases one might have. We value ourselves as a trusted source of information for all readers and we take pride in not being biased, but rather just present the information to our viewers. This includes balancing and reporting all sides of a story one can take on.


We want our readers engaged and entertained. The New York Times publishes stories not only related to our audiences everyday lives, but also keeps them up to date on current trends and fashions. Covering a meld of topics featured on the variety of sections The New York Times offers, such as the World and U.S. political sections, Opinions, Business, and the New York Times Style Magazine, which includes food, travel, and broadway. Our website further expands options to our readers, so a variety of people can enjoy. This cornucopia of content allows us to gain access to a diverse contingent of media consumers.


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