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Sarahpalin Sarah Palin was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint Idaho. She is an American politician, author and commentator. In 2006, she became the ninth governor of Alaska until 2009 when she resigned. She was the first republican woman to be nominated as the Vice President nominee in the 2008 presidential campaign alongside John McCain. Sarah has endorsed and campaigned for the Tea Party Movement and has been a registered republican since 1982. She has also hosted her own television show Sarah Palin’s Alaska which aired on TLC. Overall, Sarah is committed to her values and her goals to serve the people of the United States of America.

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Rand PaulrandRandall Howard Paul, or “Rand” as his mother affectionately called him, was born January 7th, 1963. He grew up the middle child of 5 to parents, Ron and Carol Paul. Raised in a strong conservative Christian family, Randall believed in the greatness of all God’s people and the importance of a strong moral character. From early on it appeared that Randall would follow in the footsteps of his successful and influential father Ron Paul, who served as an impressive physician and beloved House Representative for Texas. One of the greatest moments of his life occurred in 1990 when Dr. Paul married his lovely wife Kelley. Randall’s greatest treasures are his sons William, Duncan and Robert. Dr. Paul is campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Candidacy to not only return the nation back to its former glory, but to create a United States that his children and future grandchildren can rely on.

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Paul RyanRepublicansPaul Ryan is the United States Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and, also, the current chairman of the House of Budget Committee. A fifth-generation, Paul Ryan was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin. He graduated from Miami University in Ohio, majoring in both Political Science and Economics.  “I believe that every American deserves a choice

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rickSantorumRick Santorum’s vision for the future is one in which Americans are not impeded by government mandated welfare policies. Rick believes that the best way for this nation to succeed is to be freed from restrictions and allowed to find its true potential. Rick does not want to cripple the families and youth of America and in following with the traditions of this country and the principles it was founded on, he will not endorse any marriages beyond those between a man and a woman and will not allow the injustice of legal abortion to continue. In doing so, Rick believes that this will strengthen America and bring her into a new golden age of economic, moral, and social prosperity. But he can only do so with your help.

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