Clinton prepares only for potential problems brought on by healthcare reform

Brittney Cross in Davis, CA
video contributed by Andrew Schutt
New York Times

The campaign for Senator Clinton has continued to inadequately address the projected problems expected to arise with healthcare reform. The former Secretary of State sat down with The New York Times on November 29, 2013, where she was asked about how she would handle healthcare problems.

Clinton’s answer takes on a more lackadaisical attitude—simply reciting statistics and dreams of ambitious plans for expanding subsidized tuition for nursing students. She fails to address the ongoing issues of the federal healthcare website and the lack of American’s enrollment despite the high level of interest of do so.

The shortage of nurses and doctors that Clinton states as a foreseen problem is a reasonable and frightful issue. However, what is pressing to many American’s around the country today, is the failure of President Obama’s repetitive promise that secures people’s current healthcare coverage. NPR (real) recently reported that nearly 1 million Californians alone have been notified that their coverage will be expiring, despite Obama’s guarantee that this would not happen.

This has brought on a wave of political shock and anger as people grow anxious about the state of their coverage. A monumental overhaul of an institution like healthcare is expected to bring on an array of uncertainty. As Clinton continues to address projected problems of the future, she ignores the problems of today. This could be a costly decision as the democratic nominee election is quickly approaching.

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