Palin Detests Obamacare Extension (Blog 4)

Obama announced that he will let health insurance plans continue selling plans that don’t yield to Obamacare for an extension of one year. We did an exclusive interview with Sarah Palin, and got her opinion on this new extension.


Palin discussed her uneasiness about the policy, saying that this is Obama having to make up for the mistake he made in the first place. Obama promised that Americans could keep their doctors, and gained American approval behind him. Palin argued “Obama did not keep his word, it blew up in his face.” His promise to Americans was not maintained, he was unable to continue citizens current insurance plans. So Palin sees this extension is merely an attempt to win back support. Palin’s view is not concealed, as she ends her interview with “Obamacare sucks!”

Written by: Sarah Thomas (Blogger) 


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