Meet the Candidates! (Blog 1)

On Tuesday November 5, the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates appeared on Fox News interviewed by Holly Pierce. There was an intense debate and thought provoking responses provided by the candidates. Here is an overview of the candidates viewpoints.

Sarah Palin- Sarah Palin addressed the welfare plan, saying she has no plan to fix it, and felt the issue was because of the failure of our leaders. She felt the ineffective aspect of social welfare was selfish politicians, and the need to reform Washington. Palin stated that the responsibility of those in poverty should not be put on the shoulders of those who work hard. In regard to Fox News question of the American Healthcare system, Palin believes that public health could be detrimental to peoples health, because we are unaware of the standard they are held to. Sarah Palin ended the interview stating that the problem in America is crony capitalism, and Washington is focused on prospering.

Rick Santorum- Rick Santorum’s hope for the welfare state is to bring jobs back to middle America and focus on public programs such as abstinence and prevention programs. On the topic of the Education system, his hopes were to take power from the government and make personalized education for each child. Santorum felt that the ineffective aspect of social welfare was Obamacare bringing America down, which causes the loss of individuality. In the healthcare system, Santorum argued that universal healthcare forces people to pay for things they do not necessarily want or need. Rick Santorum ends his interview reiterates his thoughts on bringing jobs home and the Made in America plan.

Paul Ryan- Paul Ryan started his interview by discussing his concerns of the welfare state. He stated that the government is too large and there needs to be a state based system. Fox News anchor Holly Pierce asked about the ineffective aspect of social welfare, to which Ryan responded that people are too comfortable with poverty. He believes this causes people to lose their motivation to move up and make changes. He feels the rich should help the poor and receive a small tax cut. As far as the healthcare system, Paul Ryan stated that he feels healthcare should be a choice and not forced upon anyone. Ryan believes in empowering the individual, to make the nation the nation it used to be.

Rand Paul- Rand Paul’s hopes for the welfare state is for states to have individual programs and welfare states. Paul believes in specialty skills training for people to get out of poverty. Rand Paul agreed with Paul Ryan on his beliefs on the ineffectiveness of social welfare. He stated that it is too cushioning and should be used as a measure of support of working. Paul also stated that each state should have their own healthcare system and should be means tested. As Holly Pierce asked about the key to reform, Rand Paul reiterated his belief in individual state power, which will provide templates for reform.

Written by: Sarah Thomas (Blogger)

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